First Grade Curriculum


Language Arts
Reading, phonics, writing, spelling, listening, speaking, and vocabulary are taught in an integrated manner using
Houghton Mifflin’s balanced literacy/Guided Reading approach. Our language arts program nurtures the ability of first graders to comprehend what is read and heard along with expanding the ability to express thoughts in writing and speaking.

Our Everyday Math curriculum was developed at the University of Chicago.  It incorporates a wide variety of activity-based math lessons to build an understanding of reading and writing numbers, fact memorization, measurement, problem solving, and mental arithmetic. We are also implementing
Cognitive Guided Instruction or CGI Math, which incorporates higher level thinking skills with math problem solving.

Physical Education/Health, Music, and Art
Specialists teach these subjects.  Mrs. Kelly Knutson is our Physical Education/Health teacher; Mrs. Gina Mees is our Music teacher; and Ms. Maggie Bayer will be our Art teacher.


Our inquiry based science program,
Scott Foresman Science, builds a foundation in the physical, life, and earth sciences. First graders will study plants, animals, soil, solids, and liquids.

Social Studies
Our social studies curriculum is published by the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill company. Students will learn more about our Citizenship, Geography, History, Economics and Culture.


 Technology is integrated throughout all subject areas.  We will be using the Computer Center at least once weekly and will be using technology daily in our classroom. 

Library, Guidance, Reading Recovery

Students attend Library once per week with Mrs. Lewison our librarian. Mrs. McGill our Guidance Counselor comes once per week to our classroom and shares various strategies for solving problems and teaching us about making good choices. Mrs. Corwin is our Reading Recovery teacher and helps us with various reading strategies.


For further information on First Grade curriculum go to State of South Dakota Content Standards Website: